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New Host

Hi all,
I've decided to switch our blog over to cnaphan.blogspot.com/
The new host, Blogger, is more flexible, has more options, stores pictures better and some other things.

Please adjust your bookmarks, if you have them. This will be the last post here although the blog will remain because there are no export features.

Fishing and a Birthday Dinner

The weather here has turned exceedingly clement lately, despite the collective doubt of all Yellowknifers concerning the weather forecast. It was actually about -10 to 0 today and it is supposed to continue through much of the week. What awful recompense is Fortuna, that fickle she-devil, preparing us for? 

Seeing the weather was appearing to be humane, I called up one of my friends, Byron. We went to church on Saturday night and skipped out to go ice-fishing all of Sunday. Usually when I go fishing, I need to wear my massive mitts that go up to my elbows, but this time, I quite honestly only wore leather gloves a few minutes here and there. We left at 8:30 AM with Kevin and we stayed until 4:00 PM, so we got to see the sunrise and sunset. Kevin only stayed 90 minutes and then I had to run him back into town.

We caught about 5 fish, kept 3. Two pike and one trout. We built a small fire and roasted smokies for lunch. I got to use a lot of my new gear. The collapsable Swiss saw, a new tackle box, new gorge hooks, the new sled. I even turned a chopstick into a bait-preparing tool and it worked swimmingly. All the equipment worked really well. All in all, it was an enjoyable day.

At night, we went out for Chinese for B's birthday. A pleasant end to a nice day.

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We had been talking about upgrading our station wagon to a minivan for several months now. We had our eye on the Toyota Sienna but there is no real Toyota dealer in town and it is quite pricey. With freight and some of our desired options, it would've been close to $40K new or $30K used. We had a day off on January 5th so we went to the Toyota dealer to talk about placing orders, then for fun, we went to the Ford dealer down the street. We hadn't looked at Fords because we were learning towards Japanese minivans and Ford's minivans do not come in 8 passenger models, whereas the Sienna does.

It turns out that our friend, Melissa, was the salesperson we first bumped into. She told us she had a 2007 Ford Freestar in and we were interested. With the trade-in, it would be quite reasonably priced. We thought about for a week, did some research, then today, I went and bought it.

I really like it. It's bigger overall than the Focus, plenty of room for my head. The windows and mirrors are all bigger, too. 

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Some Winter Pics

Our Christmas vacation is going very well. The last few days have been quite laid back. We went swimming from 6-9 on New Years Eve and we have not done too much lately. It is very cold out - minus 40 and lower - so there isn't much to do but stay inside, play Mario Kart Wii, cook food, etc...

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Christmas Pictures around Yellowknife

It's been busy around here with Christmas parties, Nikki's pregnancy and finally Christmas itself.

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First Day of Sledding

Last Saturday was our first day of sledding this Winter. We've gotten lots of snow but it is just starting to be enough to sled on. We went to one of the more popular hills in town, which is right downtown, which is cool. K went down on the GT and even A went down on the sled. I went down on the GT several times but on the third time, I broke the seat. Oops. I guess it is meant to support my bulk.

The temperature is about -5 C.

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Some House Pics...

Family has requested some shots of our house, so here are three. 

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Baby: It's a.......


PS. We still don't know the gender. But we did get the technician to write down the gender in a sealed envelope which will be sent to certain key people for safekeeping. Hint, hint, Ladybug.

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